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Flashback to When It All Seemed Easier


It’s impossible to catch your breath towards the end of the spring school semester. Assignments are piling on top of each other, grades could be potentially slipping, and the only thing I care about is finding Prince (RIP) records at thrift stores near my apartment.

Another unsettling cloud hovering over me is that this is the end of my junior year, senior year is around the corner, and I’m not sure what direction I want to take my life. Law school, graduate film school, or maybe looking for a job? I’m sick of thinking about it.

All of this off-kilter energy has me nostalgic of the past, when everything seemed easier.

At times like this when my anxiety is through the roof, I like to curate 10-12 song playlists, listen to them and imagine I’m the protagonist in my very own coming-of-age film. I’ll be sharing these autobiographical playlists with you all periodically to let you know how I’ve been feeling, what I’m listening to and what’s going on in my life.

Thank you for reading my first blog post and I look forward to contributing for UIC Radio discussing all things music and pop culture. I would also love for recommended songs based on playlists I’ve distributed.

This week’s playlist is titled Flashback to When It All Seemed Easier. It features some of my favorite songs from the past, especially the 80’s, a little bit of punk and funk as well to help me with the final exam blues.

  1. Once in a Lifetime (1980)- Talking Heads

  2. Bluebird (1973)- Paul McCartney and Wings

  3. Everybody Wants to Rule the World (1985)- Tears for Fears

  4. Scarborough Fair (1968)- Simon & Garfunkel

  5. Escapade (1989)- Janet Jackson

  6. Let’s Dance (1983)- David Bowie

  7. Sweet Thing (1973)- Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

  8. A Change Is Gonna Come (1964)- Sam Cooke

  9. Banned in D.C. (1982)- Bad Brains

  10. Prince’s entire discography, which you must go out and find physical copies

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