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Franchika: a local star, on the grid

@mimz.visuals on Instagram

After having the pleasure to work with Franchika in the music community, I decided to meet with her and ask her some questions. Meet Franchika Abey, a Chicago native, she's an artist in a city filled with so much culture and history. Her soothing music is filled with personal lyrics and catching melodies.

D : Who inspired you to make music?

F: The person that inspired that inspired me to do music was honestly my father. We had the same love for music , and a very young age he saw my light. He saw my potential and he definitely played a very very big part. Rest in peace to him.

D: What is your creative process like do you have shower ideas with songs that are instant most of the time or do you take your time with each piece?

F: My creative process is honestly a mess cause I'm a overthinker and a perfectionist! Haha but most of the time my ideas come from stories , they come from personal experiences, people are lucky I don't put a @ on a song , some folks would be in trouble! Haha but no I like to say I'm what they call a empath. I feel emotions heavily so you could tell me about a heartbreak or pain or happiness and peace that you are feeling and that inspires my process, and it happens anytime and anywhere. I could be at the gym and run and sing in the bathroom if I have an idea of something cool.  @shoutoutatlanta

D: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

F: I would LOVE to collab with Sza, Summer Walker and HER. Those are my girlfriends. I feel like they carry a heavy power in R&B for women right now, also Muni Long, she reminds me of when R&B was soooo good and meaningful.

D: If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

F: I would definitely love to open up for Summer Walker. I've been to a couple of her shows and have seen the mood that she sets for a concert, it's honestly effortless and intimate. That is my type of setting, let's all sing our hearts out, cry a little and also turn up.

D: What is one message you would give to your fans?

F: One message I would say to fans is believe in yourself. Don't look for people to believe in you because people don't believe in you until YOU believe in yourself. When you make it happen for you, that's when you win, that is the key. I lost myself before chasing people to believe and value me and I finally experienced a feeling of inner peace pushing for me. DO IT FOR YOU AND NOBODY ELSE BABY!

D: Do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

F: ABSOLUTELY! Honestly, the Internet is the music business. It's a gift and a curse because it can be very discouraging. You can have a very great artist, talented all around that don't have as many numbers as an artist who's probably not as good, but the person who has more numbers gets on, no matter what. I'm here to say SKIP the algorithm. Though a very good friend of mine, Gold Haze, told me that "it'll come, in the meantime just do you."

D: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

F: I honestly would change the evilness that comes from it. I love God, and He has blessed me with a heart that is full of LOVE. I think the industry is cold, there isn't as much love in it, which is crazy cause music is supposed to be about having fun. It's supposed to mimic a feeling of love, at least for me. So it definitely changes the aspect of how cold it can get.

D: What’s next for you?

F: I will be releasing a project or two in 2024 and SO many fun singles and visuals that I'm super excited for. I am currently working with Mimz.Visuals and MondeVisions on some special things so look out for all of those names coming soon. All gas no breaks, pressure is being applied , and I hope everyone's ready for the ride !

Here is her Spotify account! Check out her wonderful music and be sure to follow Franchika on Instagram for updates on upcoming projects!

I'm so excited to see what she has lined up next and the growth she will hopefully see this upcoming year. <3


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