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From Humble Beginnings to the American Spotlight

Romeo Santos "The King of Bachata"

“The King of Bachata” Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos is a Dominican and Puerto Rican singer and songwriter from New York. He started off as a choir boy in his early teenage years then continued on with his singing talent in the Latino boy band “Aventura“. His music is a smooth whirlwind that can often be referred to as romantic and heard in clubs that play “Spanish music” where everyone dances bachata (it is a genre of music and a type of Latin dance…pronouced Ba-cha-ta).

Aventura featured him as the lead singer with his cousins/close friends Henry, Max and Lenny Santos. They started gaining popularity once they dropped their classic hit and now Bachata anthem “Obsesión” in the early 2000s. (If Aventura sounds a little familiar to you it’s probably because Drake mentioned them in his song “The Motto”..Lyric: “Spanish girls love me like I’m Aventura“. This is true but we love cooking with sazón Goya Adobo just as much too.)

Since Romeo Santos was the lead singer of Aventura it was easy for him to transition into his solo career when the band took a break after their 5th album together “The Last” in 2009. His most anticipated solo career led to so many opportunities for his two solo albums Formula Vol. 1 (released in 2011) and Formula Vol. 2 (released in 2014). He was able work with famous singers and rappers such as: Usher, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tego Calderon, Carlos Santana, Tomatito, Mala Rodriguez, Marc Anthony, Anthony “El Mayimbe” Santos, Luis Vargas, Raulín Rodriguez and Mario Domm. In addition, he now has a partnership with Dr. Pepper and was featured their commercials telling his story.

Romeo Santos is a spokesperson for Dr. Pepper ads

Romeo Santos is a spokesperson for Dr.Pepper ads – Romeo is “One of a Kind”

Overall he’s having a big year since he sold out shows at Yankee Stadium twice, performed at the White House for President Obama, on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and just yesterday morning for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

It’s safe to say he paved the way for new bachata boy bands and singers within this genre and is exposing Latino music (specifically Bachata) to a wider audience for all to enjoy. His music has so much soul and real life meaning with situations that listeners can relate to (even if you can’t understand Spanish or what he’s saying you’ll still love his sultry voice). Just know that his music is what you need in your life! He’s finally in the spotlight he deserves and we most definitely will be seeing more of his great work.


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