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Glamour Hotline – 6irl Power!

Glamour Hotline is formed by the three lovely ladies Hayley Riley and Alex. These 5pooky 6irls really come together and drive a ghostly coated amusement park ride of angst that ends up being as intimate as it does entertaining. I stumbled upon Glamour Hotline a few months ago when I was in the process of trying to get the 5eason together. We had them come in this past Friday and asked them an assortment of questions ranging from their startup as a band, to v srs political questions involving a skate off between Hilary Clinton and future President Bernie Sanders. They even performed their “spooky cool girls” album and revealed a never before heard track live on the air! Listen below!

And of course the amazing SQUAD pose.


Tune in this Friday when we have IRTKGMO legislators. Dj Jungle Jim, World War Me, and a new single from your Wardens of the Midwest!




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