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Gotham Is The Show To Watch!

If you are looking for a new show to watch you are in luck, there is a show with action, drama, tragedy, and mystery, it is Gotham! Gotham is my favorite show at the moment and I am loving it! I have always been a fan of Batman and this show really puts the pieces of the puzzle together and people get to see where Batman came from.


This show gives Batman fans a glimpse at life in Gotham before their protector Batman watch over the streets of this city. The show begins with the most famous story told by Batman. It begins with a young Bruce Wayne walking with his parents in an alley and his parents are shot down in front of his eyes. Then we meet the detectives who are investigating this horrific scene, Jim Gordon is one of the detectives and later becomes very important in the Batman legend. We see villains before they actually become villains and watch as they turn onto the dark side, (if you’re a Batman fan you’ll know right away who the villains are by hearing their real names.)

This is a show I highly recommend, it has everything. Every episode leaves me wanting more and thinking “now what are they going to do?” It is so unpredictable and I think that is very rare to find in shows these days. This show is an “A+” and it deserves more credit than it gets. Gotham is very underrated and I hope it will go on for many more seasons.

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