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  • Margarita Mejia

Guillermo del Toro's Upcoming 'Frankenstein': Thoughts and Predictions

You may have heard about Mia Goth’s performances in X or Pearl. She’s a hot topic on Twitter and Letterboxd, admired by thousands. What if next, we put her next to the talented Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield in one film? Here are my thoughts on the upcoming Guillermo del Toro directed film:

Guillermo del Toro has made beautiful works which he’s famous for, like his award-winning Pinnochio (2022) and The Shape of Water (2017).

I was very excited when the news came out about the official casting for this film. It made me wonder what roles Andrew Garfield and Oscar Isaac would play. Perhaps the concepts will likely include sci-fi and fantasy aspects meshed together, though not like the MCU. Guillermo and/or his casting director perhaps saw Oscar Isaac’s famous role in the series Moon Knight and cast him for his imaginative skills in such other-wordly settings in shows and movies. This goes similarly for Andrew Garfield with his role in The Amazing Spiderman.

I think these 3 incredible actors and del Toro will create a masterpiece so indulging and exciting. Something about each of their crafts coming together to tell this fantasy-like story makes me think the resulting work will be vivid yet mysterious, with raw seeming emotions.

--- Margarita Mejia


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