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Hand Held Up

My grades are dropping. I feel like a failure. All I’m doing is ordering Thai food and crying at my bank statements. I’m trying to study but all I end up doing is lying on the floor doing literally nothing. Nothing. When I say literally nothing I mean I fell asleep with my eyes open last week while staring at the ceiling and not moving for 15 minutes.

Other than depression, there has been something else recently that has been keeping me from my studies. Something more maniacal and evil in stature that the sheer nature of its existence disrupts the average collegiate student from excelling in their realm of academia.

This noun in question? Hand-held gaming systems. I have been non-stop grinding my way through Nintendogs frisbee competitions, through Animal Crossing mayoral duties that bring my town to peak condition, and through Gameboy emulators that are creating endless black holes of Pokémon level grinding and RPG monster slaying.

I feel like I’m failing all my courses because Tom Nook won’t get off my back about paying my mortgage, followed by shoving another mortgage down my throat. Or because May won’t get off my damn back about the Pokédex that I’m being forced to fill.

Of course, it is only week 4. Maybe I am failing, maybe I’m not. Who knows? (I know.) As time goes on, dropping out of college and sitting on my couch for 12 hours a day starts sounding more and more doable. Alas, I know why I’m spending thousands of dollars at an institution to get a piece of paper.

As much as I like playing video games, I like music more.

Maybe one day I’ll write background music for video games. Maybe I’ll write movie soundtracks or TV show themes. Maybe I’ll finally get motivated enough to get off my lazy hiney and write music. Who knows? (I know.)

Virtual reality is definitely 20x times better than being poor and in college. This is an indisputable fact. Doing what I want to do eventually is great too. One day I’ll be on the other side of that hand-held and I’ll smile when some tiny human is carting his DS XXXXXXL the size of their torso onto the train while playing a game that I took part in. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t. Who knows? Nobody for sure, but we’ll see.


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