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Here’s To The Single Life

Well guys, Valentines Day is coming up and I, like many others out there, am one of the singles without a Valentine.

But you know what? I don’t really care all that much.

Valentines Day is just another day. It’s just a day where couples are slightly more annoying about the fact that they’re a couple than the rest of the days. And look at it this way: being single means you don’t have anybody holding you back! You are your own person and you don’t need another person to define you!

Even better, just remember that once you get through Valentines Day, you’re free to buy as much on-sale chocolate as you can eat!

So, this Valentines Day, instead of being down in the dumps about not having a Valentine, why not be your own Valentine? Buy yourself some roses and chocolate, take yourself on a date. Or find a single friend of yours and go do something fun – celebrate being single!


P.S.- Here’s a classic “I’m single and I really don’t care” song to help you out:

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