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How I Plan To Make It Through Finals With My GPA And Sanity Intact

It’s that time of year, again! The time when we all question why we even gave this “school” thing a shot. You guessed it, this is our last week of spring semester, and finals week is around the corner.

I’ll be graduating this semester, and I’m finding it harder and harder to concentrate on my final papers and projects. Between classwork, working, graduation stuff, looking for a job after graduation, and trying to have a social life (trying), self-care can fall through the cracks.

I know I’m not alone in this. So, I’ve compiled some tips and tricks on how to have a successful and not so stressful finals week.

1. Get Organized


One of my major problems this semester has been forgetfulness. I’m constantly forgetting about assignments, only to remember them the day before they are due. Recently, I’ve gotten into the habit of writing down everything I need to do for the day. Besides class assignments, my to do lists include errands to run, things to buy…basically anything. For example, the highlights of yesterday’s to do list were: buy poster board, write blog, call mom. One of those didn’t happen. I’m working on it!

2. Sleep

illustration of a female worker sleeping

Seriously, get sleep. Take a nap. Something. If you don’t sleep, you’ll feel horrible and the paper you’ve stayed up all night to write will suffer, too. Last semester, I was so tired/out of it that I walked into moving traffic and a police car honked at me. It’s funny now (kinda) but it was a scary wake up call at the time.

3. Take a Break


Take a break?! But I have so much to do! I know, and that’s exactly why you need a break. Just like everyone should sleep to let their body recharge, you should take breaks while studying to let your mind relax. Don’t break for too long, though. It’s called a “break”, not a “I’m done being productive for the day” for a reason. The best thing about breaks is that you can do anything but work; get a snack, take a walk, watch YouTube tutorials. Whatever gets your mind off of a PowerPoint presentation for a couple minutes.

4. Drink Water


Senator Marco Rubio stays hydrated. Do you?

I’m always amazed that so many people don’t like water. Like, why not? Sure, it’s not as glamorous as a drink from Starbucks, but it’s necessary in order to survive. Cool, huh? But for real, drink water people. It’s good for you, and the last thing you need during finals week is dehydration. If the crisp taste of water is too bland for your delicate palette, then get some of those water flavor enhancers. Do what you gotta do.

5. Talk It Out


Whenever finals week rolls around, I find myself thinking that no one else is as stressed or anxious as I am. Obviously, this isn’t true, but the thought still creeps into my mind. Talking to my roommates and college friends quickly puts everything into perspective. Sometimes, it feels so good to complain and whine about all the things I have to do, and the other person has the exact same issue. I mean, I still have work to do afterwards, but it doesn’t seem so daunting. Even if this is something you already do, I can’t recommend it enough.

Those are my tips. Good luck, everyone!


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