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In Case You Didn’t Know Star Wars Premiered

This past weekend one of the most successful movie franchises released its seventh film, Star Wars The Force Awakens. There has been endless months of anticipation for this movie release and not only did the internet celebrate this premier but almost all department stores had new star wars jewelry, T-shirts, shoes, even drinking glasses. The excitement for this movie has been unbelievable, but honestly we get it, there is a new Star Wars movie out no need to freak out.


Now I’m not trying to hate on any of the films, this is a great franchise with some of the most iconic movie quotes and scenes in film history. For some of us who never got caught up in this franchise due to the generation gap (after all the first movie did come out in 1977). Unless someone’s parents showed them the past movies, no one would really know about the whole movie series. I myself am a huge fan of the movie series Rocky, but I doubt I would be as big as a fan as I am if it weren’t for my dad. My dad showed me Rocky because I saw the movie poster for the sixth installment “Rocky Balboa” in 2006 and asked my dad “who’s Rocky”. The next day I watched the first five and watch the sixth one in theaters with my dad that same week, I loved all of them! Except Rocky five, I recommend watching the Rocky series but you can skip the fifth one, I promise you won’t be missing much (sorry Stallone, but you know it’s true, still a big fan though). The point is I wouldn’t know about that movie series because it started in the 70’s, just like Star Wars, there is so much hype for the new Star Wars, when there is a whole generation who is not on the band wagon at all.

I’m sure the new Star Wars is awesome and I hope all of the die hard fans loved it, I really do, I’ll go see it myself, but before I see the Force Awakens, I’ll have to start from the beginning and watch the first six movies to understand the latest one or else there is no point. I will say I do think its pretty sweet how they got Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Han Solo, I will give them props for that, job well done Star Wars, may you bring us more epic quotes and iconic characters.


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