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Is it too much to ask for?

Welcome to 2015! Well its a late welcome party but hey at least we made it right? So as we make it through this ridiculously cold weather (yet again) its time to start to find your new jam to start the year off right! One of the songs that I have been obsessing over is Calvin Harris‘ “Faith.” This song has some pretty sick instrumentals and a beat that makes me want to dance all day. Then again his whole album “Motion” brings the partying mood to life with each song. Then having artists like Big Sean, Gwen Stefani, and of course Ellie Goulding can only make the album that much better. This album has the push that makes you want to do something great or something completely unexpected. It almost feels like with each note you get that much more adrenaline pumped into your already freezing body. So if you’re looking for something to pump up your blood and warm you up I definitely recommend Calvin Harris new album.

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

But if you’re looking for something that makes you want to dance and not have so much adrenaline pumped into you that I would hands down suggest that you like to Walk the Moon‘s “Shut up and Dance.” This quirky rock band mixes both a rock and a pop beat that can get anyone to sing along with their catchy lyrics and mesmerizing yet playful tune. I dare you to not smile and start doing a funny little dance while listening to this song. But this song isn’t the only things that captures their fun personality, the whole album “Talking is Hard” gives off the playful and upcoming beats that is slowly becoming the music of our generation. The mixture of different genres has become an identifying sound of so many bands but Walk the Moon definitely carries it very well.

Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon

What are some of your top songs for starting off this year on the right foot?

Can’t wait to see your smiling faces on campus next week. Just kidding, I still need another month of vacation. See you guys later!


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