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It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!! Spike Lee Wins Academy Honorary Award [Video]

spike-lee academy award 2015

Over the weekend, (November 14th) film director Spike Lee was awarded an Academy Honorary Award at this year’s Governor’s Awards. The award was presented to him by Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and Wesley Snipes. Will Smith was also on stage, joining in on the historical moment.

spike lee academy award 2015

In past years, Lee was nominated for Best Original Screenplay for “Do The Right Thing”, and Best Documentary for “4 Little Girls”. With so many cinematic classics under his belt, such as “Malcolm X”, “Summer Of Sam”, and a host of others, many agree this win is long over due.

oscar edition air jordan vi gold leaf

To commemorate the ever iconic filmmaker’s win, Jordan Brand honors Spike Lee with his own shoe, “Oscar Edition” Air Jordan VI’s, Gold Leaf. Staying within theme of the Oscar, the upper is made of a thin layer of real gold… hints the name Gold Leaf! In the words of Mars Blackmon… “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!!” Spike went on to say that the one-of-a-kind shoes will sit next to his Oscar, on his home mantlepiece. Lee flexed for the gram in his moments of glory.

With his honorary award win, Lee sits amongst the ranks of filmmakers such as Walt Disney and Charlie Chaplin who were also winners of the award. In Lee’s acceptance speech, he speaks on his journey to becoming a director. And speaks on the urgency of change of diversity in Hollywood. Check the video below of his speech.

Major congratulations to an educator, innovator, trail blazer, and one of the best directors ever in the film industry! “CHI-RAQ” is due to release December 4th.

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spike lee chiraq 2015
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