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It Snowed Today

Like a lot. Like way too much. Does mother nature not know it’s March 14th? It’s spring break next week. I can’t deal with this. Why is it that for the last two months when it is actually supposed to snow it doesn’t, but now all of a sudden when Spring is right around the corner, it’s going to snow.

I had an eight am today, and my teacher emailed us that she was gonna make it and we should still go to class. And then at 7:50, when I was on the bus going to class she emails me and cancels class. How is she gonna play with me like that?

I almost died out there today. No that isn’t an exaggeration. Anything could have happened, and I put myself in risk. Did you see how scary it was out there? It was crazy.

Yes I am going to use this blog post to complain about the weather, because I was cold and wet this morning. My feet were freezing, because almost all the shoes I own are sneakers, so that really sucked. Usually I’m a fan of winter, but not when the weather fluctuates for no apparent reason.

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