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K-pop: Epik High

Epik High

Epic High is a three-member South Korean alternative hip-hop group.http://

I don’t die. No pain, no gain. Just hold it in. No rain, no rainbow. No hurricane, tornado can ever stop me.


Tablo is the leader of the group. He is in charge of composing music and writing lyrics. His real name is Daniel Armand Lee. He is a Korean Canadian. He’s a Stanford University graduate. He published his collection of short stories, “Pieces of You.” He is married to the actress, HyeJeong Kang. The couple has a daughter, Haru.


Mithra Jin

Mithra Jin is known as a rapper, lyricist, and vocalist of the group. His real name is Jin Choi. He was born in January 6, 1983. Besides being a rapper, he is also a poet. His lyrics influence by techniques and elements of poetry. He is the only member in the group who is not married.


DJ Tukutz

DJ Tukutz is known as a DJ, producer, and songwriter of the group. His name JeongSik Kim. He was born in November 19, 1981. He is the second member in the group who got married. He and his wife have one son, JoonWoo.http://

Epik High went through some problems to the the point that they couldn’t perform on stage. They couldn’t produce music. They were forced to leave Woolim Entertainment in which the group debut under in 2001. Netizens accused Tablo that he lied about his education.They didn’t believe that he graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in creative writing.

After all the troubles and chaos they went through, Epik High came back to the South Korean music industry with their eighth album entitled “Shoebox.” This is the second album since they’re signed under YG Entertainment in 2011.

Personally I really love this group. Each song is written beautifully with meaningful messages.http://

The cover of Eyes, Nose, Lips by Tablo is really showcased his amazing skill in writing lyric. His lyric is like poem- the flows and the double meanings of words.

they say that time flies, but you keep breaking its wings.

Not only because their amazing composing and producing musics, but their characteristics and personalities as well. Their persistency and love for music are really inspired me to follow my dream. It doesn’t matter how much they’ve gone through, how long it takes, and how hard it is; they go after their dream.

Comment down below if you’re new to K-pop? or if you’re a fan of K-pop?

What is your favorite Epik High song?


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