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Kid Cudi Surfin’ and Frequency


I have been a fan of Kid Cudi for a while. I’m team Cudi through it all. Through his Twitter beef with Kanye, though I am a fan of Kanye, I was team Cudi. His recent stint in rehab, I am all for him to a speedy recovery, and hope he finds the help he needs. Drake dissing Cudi in his new song, I think Drake needs to chill. Quoting his song “Two Birds One Stone” Drake states “you stay on xan and perked up so when reality set in you don’t gotta face it.” Even if I wasn’t a fan of Cudi I still would have though this move was below the belt, and of course I’m still team Cudi.

Now even though I love Cudi as an artist, I don’t enjoy all of his work. I wasn’t a fan of “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven.” I listened it to a couple of times, hoping that it might grow on me and become as amazing as “Indicud” was to me. But alas I didn’t enjoy the album, but that was fine, you don’t have to love every single piece of music an artist puts out to be a fan. I was still a fan of Kid Cudi.

Now when I heard about Cudi’s new album a while ago, I had a mix of both excitement as well as anxiety. I realized that I might love the music, same as I had before, or it might just not be my cup of tea. Cudi ended up postponing his album, but he still released both “Surfin'” as well as “Frequency.”While I enjoyed both, but I loved “Surfin.”This song sounded amazing, and I found myself listening to it on repeat.

Some time after the music videos came out for both songs, and I both videos are great as well. Just as with the songs I do find myself drawn to the music video for “Surfin.” Now you might find yourself wondering whats the point of this blog post. I think both of these songs are very good, and basically I just wanted to tell you about some Kid Cudi music in case you hadn’t had a chance to listen yet, because I feel many of you will enjoy yourself if you have a listen.


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