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Kings of Leon Mechanical Bull Tour: have they lost their fire?


The Kings of Leon ended their Mechanical Bull Tour this Past Saturday at Chicago’s very own United Center.

“This is the last show on this leg of the tour” said lead singer Caleb Followill “So we’re going to blow it out.”

Cheers Ensued from an excited crowd of Chicagoans, followed by mesmerizing visuals and a dance worthy set list.

The band played old and new songs alike. The set list ranged from one of their newest songs called “Temple” to songs like “Pyro,” “Be Somebody,” and “Use Somebody.”

But Caleb’s announcement of “[blowing] it out” and actually delivering that type of performance may or may not have happened.

The band chose “Use Somebody” to end their performance, bowing out after the final song and thanking Chicago for always being the best crowd.

Audiences were either not satisfied or craving more, especially since the band neglected to play their megahit “Sex on Fire.”

With feet pounding and loud pleads for Kings of Leon to come back, they did.

The band ran on stage, grabbed their guitars and started playing “Crawl.” Their two final songs were “Black Thumbnail” and, of course, “Sex on Fire.”

There were some great moments, and the atmosphere filled with excitement and love for the songs being played was great, but, I’m sad to say, I expected much more from the band that stole my heart in their 2009 Lollapalooza performance.

Maybe my opinion is just biased because KOL didn’t play their new song “Beautiful War” that has been at the very top of my play list for the past couple of weeks. But I’m not bitter I swear.

Take a look at their performance of “Closer” from the 2014 Mechanical Bull Concert this past Saturday:


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