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  • Veronica Trax

Lana Del Rey & Her Symbolic Car

Lana Del Rey is known for driving down Sunset Boulevard late at night, parking at the beach, sitting in her 1981 convertible Mercedes with the top down, and writing music. Lana states in a past interview that there is nothing like arriving to the beach on the quiet streets of Los Angeles, sitting in her car, and thinking about how she wants the world to sound. Like many others, Lana finds that her car brings her a calm and comfortable feeling. Lana’s car allows her to transport into a different world and creative space. The artist has shown her fans that the simple escapes in life are what contribute to her writing process.

Unfortunately, Lana’s normal encounter with her car has brought a new hardship to her career. Last month, in October, all four windows of Lana’s car were smashed and her valuables were stolen. Lana parked her car at Melrose Place and left it for just a few minutes while the car-jacking took place. Of course, the one time Lana left her bag in her car, it was stolen. The robber stole Lana’s computer, but on this computer held the new chapter of her career. Her laptop contained a 200 page manuscript of her future book, new records, and personal photos/videos that were all stolen. The artists team remotely wiped her computer as soon as possible, but it was too late. There are unreleased uploads of her manuscript and new records now floating around on the internet.

In order to keep stuff safe in the music industry, many secret projects are not backed up on clouds or other hard drives. This means that Lana’s book was completely gone for good and she would have to start over. Lana would also not be able to get her personal photos back, that were allegedly pictures of her young self growing up.

I feel bad for Lana because she has to secure her normal day to day tasks. I see Lana as an artist who connects to her car in a way she connects to the world and I hope her car-jacking incident doesn’t change her creative process. I hope it doesn’t stop her from taking the road to the beach and creating beautiful lyrics.


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