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‘Latched’ onto Disclosure

It is seldom that I hear really unique-sounding electronic music that really stands out to me nowadays. While I still have a lot of respect for electronic musicians and the work they do, I’ve still have a hard time getting into a lot of modern-day music until recently.

Over the summer, I was sitting in my car waiting for my sister, when this song came on. Immediately I found myself nodding along to the beat and suddenly feeling like I wanted to dance. When I discovered the name of the group and heard their work, I got latched onto their music.


The duo – who call themselves Disclosure – is made up of Guy and Howard Lawrence, two brothers from England. They released their debut album, titled Settle, in June of last year. But what I find most interesting about them is that when they started producing their own music was when they were too young to enter a club and experience what real house music sounds like in the nightclub culture.

Because of this, they have one of the most unique electronic sounds I’ve heard in a while.

Listen to Disclosure’s album Settle on Spotify or listen to a stream of the album here.

Also: if you like what you hear, Disclosure will be coming to Chicago’s own Lincoln Park Zoo on June 11th! Find out more about it and see if you can snag a ticket here.

So what do you think of their sound? Do you think they have a unique sound in today’s electronic genre? Comment and let me know!


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