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Leaving LA.


Tomorrow morning is my last in Louisiana and I am going to miss it.

New Orleans is a fascinating city and I have definitely built up a lot of good memories there…

Although we did spend a good portion of time trying to stay away from the stifling humidity, we had quite a few adventures (remember last week?) including a Mississippi cruise, several hair-raising shopping trips and even an evening at Preservation Hall for some honest-to-goodness old jazz.

We also got to visit some relatives in a small mid-Louisiana town. They were all warm and welcoming with crawfish etouffee, endless bottles of wine and beer and cheerful accents. I was able to spend time with some cousins (third cousins on my dad’s side, but who’s counting) that I’d never even met!

But like it or not, it’s now time to say goodbye and head back to life and internships and parking tickets. There’s just time for a quick-stop shopping trip before heading to the ‘Nawlins’ airport and back to Chicago. I won’t forget my time in this happy-jazzy state and hope I can head down South ’round here again soon!

Maybe for Mardi Gras!

Here’s some jazz from Preservation Hall, for auld lang syne:


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