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Let It Go (but it’s not what you think!)

Is there anyone out there that’s not even a little bit tired of Frozen yet? I know I am. The fact that the song “Let It Go” is EVERYWHERE doesn’t help either. I haven’t watched the movie yet so I won’t be too quick to judge, but so far, I’m not liking it. That’s the bad news. The good news is, I have something for the people out there who want to get a break from Frozen. (*drumroll*) I present to you: “Let It Go”, but it’s not what you think! Ever hear of a band called The Neighbourhood? No? Then you must have heard at least one of their songs such as “Sweater Weather”, “Afraid”, or “Female Robbery” either on the radio or on TV.

The Neighbourhood (spelled with a ‘u’) hails from The Golden State and consists of five really cool and talented guys. They released their first album “I Love You.” last April and have already gathered quite the following. Their songs are known to be extremely catchy and the lead singer Jesse is said to have a killer stage presence. The song “Sweater Weather” is very addictive and it almost makes you nostalgic of summer. If you’re not a fan of that song, don’t fret! The rest of the album is surprisingly different from the single. Most of the songs are a lot darker with some experimental sounds and edgier lyrics. Their sound has somewhat of a dark, industrial, chaotic aura which makes them stand out from most alternative rock bands.

Are you a fan yet? Well, here’s more good news! The Neighbourhood is set to perform at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on Monday, March 24. That’s spring break for most us, so why not check them out? If you liked the song, check out their music video too! It’s interesting to say the least.



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