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Let’s get serious

Ok, we are now reaching the home stretch of the semester! This mean that we have about four weeks left until we are out of here until next year. Now a lot of us seem to be getting senioritis, even though some of us aren’t seniors yet. We need to kick our butts back into gear and time to break out those textbooks that we haven’t opened since we bought them back in August. I found some awesome throwback tunes for you to add to your playlist or just to listen to get yourself motivated.

Stronger by Kanye West


In 2005 this was one of the best hits on the radio and now it’s time to bring it back to help motivate you to keep on going. The catchy beat from Daft Punk and motivational lyrics from Kanye is exactly what you need start your playlist with. Giving you the right push that you need to get cracking on those readings and last-minute assignments that’s probably due by the morning.


When in doubt clap and stomp it out. Ok technically this song came out in 1977 but still is one heck of a motivation song. Queen’s clever mixture of music and tones within a single song can ignite that feeling of invincibility in anyone. This song is best used when you hit that writer’s block or are barely finishing up your first cup of coffee.

Till I Collapse by Eminem


Like Em says, “Music is like magic, there’s a certain feeling that you get…” Eminem is my favorite rapper of all time. From the lyrics, the beat, and the whole delivery of this song just makes you feel more powerful and pretty good. It’s also a good way to just let your anger out if you start getting stressed out from studying all night for that exam.

Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic


If you’re a 90’s kids and don’t know this song then you must have never watched Space Jam, which is a crime in itself. This techno and popping beat in this song almost makes you want to dance. This song is perfect if you want to loosen up or stretch out from sitting so long in that chair.

Scream and Shout by Will.I.Am with Britney Spears


Ok now I bet you’re wondering why in the world I would even think of adding this song to this playlist. Well it just so happens that this song really says what we all want to do during those long nighters of studying and writing papers. Also, this electric vibe that syncs in with Will.I.Am’s vocals will help bring back the pep in your step to finish that last page of work.

Do you have any particular songs that gets you through those long nights of studying and writing? Let me know!

Till next time!


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