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Life is already hard, stop making it worse

Money problems, sickness, injury, MIDTERMS, work stress, relationship issues…..the list for what makes life hard goes on forever but what I want to know is why do people make things harder for one another?

There has been a dramatic decrease in common courtesy and common sense in the world that makes everyday life so much harder than it has to be….not only are you going through the motions of dealing with your own problems, but now you have to face the stupidity and inconsideration of millions of people around you too….great.

This blog is to call attention to everyday annoyances caused by inconsiderate people who don’t think twice about how their actions can impact others. Each week I am going to call attention to everything that I feel needs to be addressed…and just maybe I can change the world one inconsiderate person at a time.

Maybe if you see how you make life harder for those around you, you would be inclined to change and take into consideration that you are NOT the only person in this world….think of others for once and maybe, just maybe common courtesy and common sense will make a much needed comeback…

Let’s start off with parking……

car jerks

First, I want to say thank you to Valerie Cifuentes who took this picture and shared it with us to show us how this frustration got to her.

You are driving in a crowded parking lot, looking for a space, you see an open spot (or what looks like one), and just as you are about to pull in, this is what you see…….really?? No really? Are they serious? Had that been a car that cost more than my house, then fine, but really? A 2001 Jeep or something of that sort? This is the kind of stuff that just gets under my skin, but wait…..There’s more….


I pulled into Jewel, wanted to pick up some groceries, and this? I know you know that those lines are there for a reason…It is just like when we were little, when we used to color and used to try so hard to stay in the lines, try that! But instead of crayons, use your car, stay in your lines…..

I get it, we are in a rush sometimes, sometimes we are going to run in and out,and that we are only going to be rude for 3 minutes…

BUT if you look closely, they are sitting in their car, lights on, and music blasting (wish you could have heard it)…no excuse for this, I just hope they stumble across this and even if they don’t care how I annoyed I was, they can still see how dumb this is…

Last but not least…

Our own parking lot….we pay almost $400 to park here and we should not be worried about our cars getting swiped, scratched, or hit by doors…park like the person on the right, straight and in the lines, not the one on the left..

A little bit of consideration goes a long way, if you are running late, do not make other people suffer for it. Everyone can do as they please as long as they are not interfering with the daily lives of others…

Common courtesy is much appreciated…thanks


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