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Lip Sync Battle on SPIKE

Fans of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon may know of the recurring feature on the show, “Lip Sync Battles”, in which Fallon and another famous contestant attempt to be the better lip sync-er. The skit sky-rocketed in popularity with Emma Stone’s crushing win with a rendition of “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled. If you’ve yet to see it, you’re missing out on inspiration for your next drunken party trick.

That’s bae, right there.

SPIKE premiered the show Lip Sync Battle, on April 2nd, inspired by the game made popular on Fallon. It’s hosted by rapper, LL Cool J.

Why should you go watch celebrities lip sync to songs you’ve heard a million times before? Why should you watch a grown man adopt the voice of a teeny-bopper, blonde popstar? You know exactly why: because it’s hilarious. If you’re not convinced, watch the clip of Dwayne Johnson vs. Jimmy Fallon below!

Watch the next episode Thursday on SPIKE at 9p.m!

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