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Llena mi tacita: La Flor Mas Bella Review

Hola mis tacitas! I hope y’all had a good break or at least got sleep!

Over break, I decided to look into new shows to watch since I didn’t know what to do with myself because we didn’t have classes.

I came upon a Netflix show from Mexico called La Flor Mas Bella. Let me tell you, I binged it within two days. I was crying and throwing up the whole time.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you didn’t watch and get disappointed cause you read this first before watching it, it’s on you.

The show revolves around Mich and her desire to be popular at her high school and to sit at the school fountain, where all the popular kids sit. She has two best friends, Taína and Yadi, that support her, but also try their best to keep her grounded.

The main people you see throughout the series are Mich and her friends and family, the popular kids and her love interests.

Now although Mich wants to be popular, she also has a secret relationship with one of the most popular boys at her school — a relationship based on lies. Already, I was sus about this man. And then on top of him, we get two more love interests and instead of an organized flow chart where you can see her being with one of these love interests, it’s more like this meme:

Seeing her interact with the love interests and everything that goes on, goes from you going “aw cute, you deserve better” to “I was rooting for you! We were rooting for you! How dare you!?”

And that’s basically how I saw the love interest storyline throughout the show.

Apart from that mess, I saw an inner battle of identity that I feel a lot of people go through. Eventually, Mich comes to discover that she may be bisexual. We see her struggle with that part of herself since she never thought of it until a new love interest came by, Majo. The struggle we see of her of accepting this part of herself is something that can be universal, as it’s not talked about much in general and even less in Mexico.

We see her mom reject her when Mich tells her that she may like girls and how that breaks Mich. I shed a few tears because I know that pain of wanting to be accepted by your family, the people that should love you unconditionally only to find out that love can very much be conditional. 

Throughout the series, we do see Mich’s mom trying to come to accepting her because she knows that her reaction hurt her daughter. Fortunately for us, her step dad, Fer, is an absolute gem of a human being, and besides accepting her for who she is, also gives her great relationship advice that everyone could use. 

When you watch the series, it has many more themes than what I wrote about here, but if I were to write about every theme and discuss it in detail, then this would be a book instead of a blog. I will probably touch of some of the themes here as I feel like it needs to be talked about since I see similar patterns here in the States as well as internationally.

Overall, this is a great show to binge because it will drag you through a wide range of emotions, and Fer is the absolute best and is Father of the Year.

Let me know in the comments if there is some topic or show that you would like to see me touch on!

Keep warm tacistas!


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