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Llena Mi Tasita: To Hell with your so/friends, today you show your love for coffee

Were your friends and/or significant other there for you like coffee was? No.

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, you either spent the day with your significant other, friends or, like most, alone. But you know what always comes in clutch? Coffee. That’s right, if you’re Mexican or Latin, you’ve probably had Café de Olla; it warms your soul and makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. If you are a person of taste, I would highly recommend you going to La Catedral Cafe & Restaurant on West 25th St and South Christiana Ave. Even if you do not have good taste, I would still recommend you visit this fine establishment because the coffee will bring you inner peace and motivation to complete your coursework.

First Encounter with El Catedral…

My first encounter with this delicious coffee was this past Fall semester when my friend asked me if I wanted some coffee with the promise that it was so good that you do not need sugar or cream! Of course I was skeptical because I have been lied to many times. The coffee I drank would either be bitter or burnt since some coffee shops (I will not name which) do not seem to change out their coffee grinds; you can taste the day old coffee. Or it is a gamble as to whether you are going to get good coffee or not at other establishments. So, we went to Little Village, and on our way to the restaurant we saw that there was a mile long line of customers waiting to be seated. Usually this is an indication that an establishment is really really good. Since we were just going for coffee, we did not have to be a part of the line that was waiting to be seated for a meal, so we were able to just walk in and order.

Walking into the Holy Coffee Space…

Walking into the restaurant, the interior design is amazing and beautiful. The artwork and architecture reminded me of some restaurants that I visited during my vacations to Mexico in Morelia, Michoacán. I’ve been to some restaurants in Morelia, and they have photos of what the city and the restaurant looked like years ago. Every time I go there, I get all warm from the atmosphere and from simply being there. Walking into La Catedral brought me that same warm feeling. The entire design is made to look like the cathedrals in Mexico, hence the name of the restaurant. The overall vibe is welcoming and busy since the place is both small and sees a lot of customers.

The Magnificent First Sip… 

Once we got our coffee, having that first sip brought me joy I never thought I could feel again. According to my friend, my face looked as if a part of my soul had been revived. To confirm, yes, it absolutely did feel that way. The coffee was so good that I didn’t have to order it with cream or sugar, not because I’m putting myself on a high pedestal here but because it genuinely does not need it. 

An ode to Mexican Coffee

The flavors of the pilonsio and the cinnamon come through wonderfully and aren’t too overbearing; it really makes the experience of just drinking coffee so much better. Honestly, I have yet to find another location that has managed to perfect café de olla like La Catedral. So on this day after Valentine’s Day, why don’t you head over to El Catedral to get some well deserved coffee to celebrate yourself. No one can take care of you like you, because no one has really seen you at your worst other than you and coffee.


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