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Los Angeles Pianist Kiefer Expands Himself with ‘Superbloom’

Posted on September 27, 2019

An accolade of Hip-Hop and a student of Jazz, Kiefer Sutherland intertwines the two genres into one cohesive form. Kiefer’s name in the L.A. instrumental beat movement has toiled around in recent years, ever since his first album “Kickinit Alone” penetrated the scene in 2017. What also brought his light to the attention of listeners is his avid collaboration with Anderson .Paak. Kiefer’s main caliber consists of his immaculate piano demonstration, as if all the other snares, drums, and beat components revolve around his essence.

Following up with his “Bridges” EP released in April, “Superbloom” serves as the follow-up and the closing piece to the two-parter album. The EP consists of seven instrumental tracks that are carried by Kiefer’s concentrated swiftness with the piano, as well as the eccentric sound bits and choices that encompass his chord play.

The EP starts off with the welcoming track “Golden.” The track interweaves different chords that Kiefer matched together as a transitional beat heading towards his piano improvisation. As the beat hops and pounces throughout its duration, it does not electrify until 2:20, when the chords maintain their sound and the beat itself becomes sensationally groovy. There is a lot of joy contained in the track “10,000 days,” which features what may be Kiefer’s most subdued and thoughtful piano composition so far. His composition takes center focus in the track, without much distraction from the other elements that glide through the duration.

Perhaps a personal favorite track from “Superbloom” entitled “Be Encouraged,” carries the heartfelt spirit of “10,000 days” with Kiefer’s somber keys. Kiefer takes each key into consideration, as these specific keys emit a certain glow on their own. This is transparently demonstrated on “Be Encouraged” and continues in the final track “And Encourage Others.”

Kiefer’s “Superbloom” is a thoughtful and meditative project and a perfect followup to his equally charismatic “Bridges” EP. The master pianist and beatmaker can only go up from here.


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