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Love of Netflix

Netflix is a wonderful thing. It brings people happiness in ways not much else can. With Netflix there is an endless possibility of things to do. You can binge watch your favorite show. You can watch a movie with some friends. You can even Netflix and chill with someone. But as wonderful as Netflix is, there is the issue of finding something to watch. Sometimes no matter how vast and beautiful the Netflix movie and tv show library is, it’s hard to find something that is both new and interesting to you. But lucky for you, here I am ready with some of my favorite shows so that you can enjoy that quality Netflix time.


House of Cards is one of my favorite shows, and I feel like it should be much more popular than it is. The show is about Frank Underwood, a democratic congressman who will do anything to become president. The show follows him and his wife as they continue to plan and connive their way to presidency.


Sherlock is a British television show that revolves around a modern Sherlock Holmes solving cases in London. Sherlock is great for many reasons, but one of my favorite aspects of the show is the chemistry between the two character Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson his parter. They have great chemistry and watching their relationship develop makes the series that much funner to watch.


Jane the Virgin is a show that recently arrived on Netflix, and I just started watching it, and even though I’m only a couple episodes in, I gotta say that this show is great. Honestly I’d probably be done with it if I didn’t have to do homework and study for more midterms.

So here you have it, a great list of great shows, that I’m sure you guys will love. So hopefully you can binge watch House of Cards, or watch all of Jane the Virgin with a friend.



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