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Madeon – Pay No Mind (ft Passion Pit)

Madeon comes from an unfamiliar scene, at least here in The States. His style is both super shiny and aggressively clean. There are no snare or clap rolls present in his songs. Madeon, though being a younger cat than even myself at 20, has proved his worth in his musical career by remixing songs by Deadmau5 Pendulum (Knife Party’s earlier project) and even The Killers. The talented artist even has production credit on Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP, two songs on Coldplay’s Ghost Stories, and even guest mixed Muse’s joint Panic Station.

Madeon’s first album, Adventure, is something out of a super slick and brightly modern. Even more dazzling and amazing is the way his style is depicted in the music video featuring Passion Pit. Passion Pit, known for their Indie Pop ballads do nothing if not compliment the tone and color of Madeon’s. Quite literally, this song is a match made in Electronic heaven.

View the video here!


In the video, we see a young couple seemingly lost in a malleable world. For whatever reason, they wish to leave the city they are caught in. The irony is in the lost and empty feelings the city conveys. Typically, an empty city is kin to a destroyed city. In  Madeon’s Pay No Mind, the empty city is super beautiful and elegant. The young couple seems themselves to mold reality around them. It seems to me they are the ones who are changing the city scape.


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