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Midterm Madness

Midterm week is upon us *cue shrieks of terror brought on by caffeine induced confusion* and students are shifting into overdrive in order to finish essays and cram for exams, myself included. That being said, I don’t have too much to blog about this week, unless chronicling my sleepless nights and 5-cups of coffee a day habit interests you more than my usual blogging style. But I know that lots of us are struggling to make it through this dreaded week, so I’ve decided to share one of my study necessities: the perfect playlist. Tons of research has proven that music helps to stimulate the brain while it performs other tasks (like studying!), and while classical music is usually used in these studies, some indie rock slow jams can get the job done too.

I’ve linked below my midterm week study playlist, which includes some ambient synth-driven rock and a few loud and proud anthems. So take a listen, study hard, and godspeed:


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