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Mila J’s “Smoke, Drink, Break Up”- A Tale of Dysfunctional Love


Mila J is another R&B artist who has both succeeded and failed multiple times at solidifying her place in the current musical landscape. After being dropped from several labels, the songstress appears to making one more attempt and appears to be edgier than ever. Her latest effort, “Smoke, Drink, Break Up”, is the classic tale of a relationship filled with unavoidable toxicity. In the record, Mila attempts to share the emotions when other outside factors begin to play a significant role in the success of a relationship. “Smoke, Drink, Break Up” gives insight on the darker stages of love that is often sugarcoated with sappy romantic comedies and generic fairy tales.

Almost everyone has reached that point in a relationship where everything about their partner begins to make their skin crawl and a drunken night out with friends seems like the most enjoyable solution to the problem. Although the story told in this record is rather troubling, the relevancy the lyrics has in many modern day relationships is inevitable. The record is particularly catchy and showcases Mila’s ability to create controversial and relevant content. Despite the fact that the song is quite soothing, in a situation where the only decisions are to smoke, drink or break up, that latter may be the best and most healthy option. No one should ever allow a partner to drive them to drink. Put that drink down and kick their sorry behind to the curb.

Watch the video below!

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