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MoBo The Great – F#ck The Public EP and Interview

Chicago female MC MoBo The Great is known for being up on stage, with Mr. Carter himself, Jay Z, spittin bars not once… but twice, in her hometown! Not a lot of artists have the muscle to flex such bragging rights, but MoBo does! And now with the release of her latest EP “F#ck The Public“, she’s flipping the bird and droppin that fye at the same damn time!! FTP has features from Katie Got Bandz, BJ The Chicago Kid, and more. Production OB Webbie, The Gift, Martin $ky, and more. MoBo The Great is a lyrical MC, with a unique style that’s definitely needed in Hip Hop right now. This album makes me look forward to more of what she has in store. But for now, flip them birds to da haterz, and F#ck wit F#ck The Public!!!

What made you choose to title your EP F#ck The Public?

I was trying to get the attention of blogs, and I felt like in Chicago, it’s less about your talent… and more about your cosign. So at that point, it was a f#ck you to everybody! But the more I worked on my project, it became something different, more introspective. In society, if you’re a girl, you’re expected to rap like Nicki Minaj and dress like Lil Kim… and I do neither!! So it’s just breaking down all of what society says, f#ck the public… just be you!

Now that FTP is released, how does it feel?

“F#ck The Public” is my first project. It took a while, cause I’m a perfectionist. It’s kinda hard and scary, putting out your music… not knowing how things will go. It’s something you spend so much time and money on, and you work so hard, and it could possibly flop. You can’t really book shows without having a body of work. Add that fact, and a push from my team… it put me in the position to where I just had to let it go. I’m happy and sad now that it’s finished… it’s out!! So now it’s on to the next. I plan on putting out 2 more projects before the year is out.

Any ventures outside of music?

My life is music! I have different ventures within music. I was a writer before anything. I want to write for other artists. I have a song I wrote that I want to hand over to Tink, because she can sing. I probably want to continue rapping for about 5 -10 years… establish my brand. Later, get in to TV, become an actor… I want an endorsement with Adidas. I want to grow in to a well known brand, become a household name.

What are your feelings on the state of Hip Hop right now?

The state of Hip Hop is getting better. It’s all about what you choose to look for. A lot of focus is on rappers like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and King Louie cause that’s the image they wish to paint. In the Chicago scene you also have rappers like Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Martin Sky, and Kembe. I think that music is wherever you find it. I feel pretty good about the state of Hip Hop. More artists are starting to get their shine, and Chicago is like the renaissance again right now!!

What do you hope the people get from FTP?

I want people to know this is talent, 100% percent. I want people to appreciate, that this is a solid cohesive album. I’m not afraid to work with other artists. And that I really care about the music and the culture.

Thanks for ROCKIN wit me!!

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