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Moves Like Bublé

Ok boys, here’s a surefire way to get those girls falling at your feet: take a dance class!

I’m speaking for every girl who has ever taken a guy dancing, –and I am talking real dancing here, not the ‘flap your arms and jump up and down’ or the ‘let’s-have-sex-now’ kind- when I say that we are tired of having to be the ones to lead. In fact, I’m so used to it that I get all flustered when I actually dance with someone who knows more then me, and I’ve been dancing for years!

Waltz, swing, even tango, the dance of love, it’s always the same. All the good dancers either unavailable or gay, it’s almost a fact. What about us girls? We need more boyfriends and single guys to step up to the plate. Come on guys, would it kill you to learn that a basic salsa is three steps, not two?

I mean, think of the advantages:

1. You get to tell a girl what to do (she won’t object because it’s hot)

2. You hold her close, (still no objection)

3. And it is a social activity that will completely boost your confidence and popularity.

And don’t even get me started on how actually challenging and fun dancing can be!

Seriously, it’s hot, it’s a sport and it will get you numbers. What more can you ask for?

And don’t give me the lame “two left feet” or “no talent, I’ll look stupid” excuses. Ok, so maybe you’d look kind of silly for a little while, but anyone can dance with a little patience and practice and I promise, you will like the results.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll end up looking like this:

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