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  • Gayathri Tummala

My First Date.

I am writing this before going on a date, with expectations of how my first date should go based on the hundreds of romance novels and movies I have read and seen. Ideally, he would knock on my door with flowers in his hand, and as I opened the door, he would say, " You look beautiful today," and we would go to the cutest bookstore and spend a couple of hours reading, having conversations about our favorite genres, authors, quotes, and stories we have read over the years. We would buy a couple of books each and then go to a nearby restaurant and order only from their dessert menu and be able to talk about everything under the sun. We take a stroll along the Riverwalk and come back home, having had a day full of fun and laughter.

Continuing this after going on the date, although he picked me up at my home, he did not bring flowers. We went to a cafe instead of a bookstore, but it was still a cute place with a modern aesthetic and abstract pieces on display. The conversation flowed easily; it was a light and happy day. I missed the butterflies, the spark, and everything else they say in those books.

The question here is: are my expectations unrealistic, or am I right in asking for what I believe I deserve? I know a single date doesn't decide anything, but sometimes all it takes is a single conversation for you to know.


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