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New Baby Buggy!


The main letters given in Wheel of Fortune. Those who make it to the bonus round only have 10 seconds to guess the word given those letters, plus 3 consonants a vowel of their choosing.

On March 19th, Emil de Leon surprised the nation and even Pat Sajak himself!

Emil’s puzzle looked like this “N E _   _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _” After choosing the letters  H, M, D, and O, the puzzle remained the same.

Even Pat Sajak said the puzzle looked tough, with the category as “Thing”. He told Emil that he was a great puzzle solver and that if he keeps talking the right answer will come out.

That’s exactly what happened.

Emil’s first guess was “New Baby Buggy” and with a 3 second delay, the words showed up on the screen! Everyone was in shock that he guessed it on his first try. Sajak even patted him down jokingly saying “I’m rather stunned”

Didn’t get a chance to check out the video? Watch it here 🙂


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