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I’m going to be honest here. I’m not huge fan of Adele, and by not a huge fan, I mean that I don’t like her music. I never found myself enjoying any of her past songs. Songs like Rolling in the Deep, and Someone Like You were all very popular songs, but they were also songs that I do not enjoy listening to. It isn’t like I have anything against Adele, or her songs. I know how beautiful her voice is, yet I didn’t enjoy listening her music, until now that is.

Hello is Adele’s new song released last month. Adele released it after taking a break from making music for a while. Honestly I can’t exactly tell you why I suddenly like her music. Maybe the high school version of myself dislike Adele’s music at first, but then after a while it grew on him, but he still disliked it because he was to stubborn to change his mind. Plus maybe he already went to school and told his friends that he though Adele was terrible and her music wasn’t good at all and he knew they would never let him live it down if he said she was good. But that probably didn’t happen, that would be dumb.

I really like Hello, I can prove that because I already added it to my Spotify playlist. That’s how you know I’m for real. I really appreciate how wonderful her voice sounds in this song. Its one of those songs that I’m probably going have on replay until I play it so much that I can barely stand listening to it. So yeah I guess I’m a fan of Adele now.


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