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New Year, New Playlist

A Playlist For the Resolution You Will Drop in a Month

2019 has arrived and with it the ever so common New Year’s resolution to exercise more often. Whether it is to lose the weight gained over the holiday season, or to achieve that summer body, in January there is a swell of determination among Americans to bulk up, lean out, slim down, or [insert generic exercise reference here].

The intention behind this resolution is genuine – it is a proclamation of embodying a healthier lifestyle – but who are we kidding. As the end of January draws closer, that new pair of sneakers gifted during Christmas will accumulate dust as you binge-watch the new entry of Netflix series while finishing off those questionably spoiled holiday leftovers. The truth is, about 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. This one is no different.

In no way am I stating that making this New Year’s resolution is futile. I have witnessed many people be successful in sticking with it. Of course, the idea of exercising more often is subjective to each person; nevertheless, those individuals were successful in their own versions of this resolution.

Yet, despite these cases – and speaking from personal experience – there remains a high probability of falling off the resolution by the end of January. It is not and immediate drop off, instead there are stages. And I believe there is not a better way to plot out the course of this likely to fail resolution than a playlist defining each milestone – or drop-off-stone.

So, I present: a playlist defining the stages of this precarious resolution.


Stage 1: Face Your Demons / “a lot” – 21 Savage ft. J. Cole

Yes, you did have that third serving of stuffing over Thanksgiving; it wasn’t a dream. All of those “holiday calories” have added up and are now very real. But that’s alright. Now is the time to accept the faults you have made regarding your health. Acknowledge were your weaknesses lay, and the problems that you must overcome to be successful in this resolution. And well, those problems are a lot.

Like the start to the recent 21 Savage album i am > i was, you start your resolution strong by facing your demons. Savage’s “a lot” embodies this self-reflective acknowledgment; coupled with a surprise feature by the Dreamville maestro J. Cole, it is the ideal warm up.

Stage 2: Reboot to Recoup/ “Reboot” – KAMI & Smoko Ono ft. Chance the Rapper & Joey Purp

You’ve faced your demons. How do you feel about now? Probably ready to head into the gym, hit the track, dive into the pool, or whatever athletic activity you’ve decided to stick to for this resolution.

It’s time to reboot and recoup, and this collective of Chicago rappers know all about it. “Reboot” is a shoulder bop indeed, which will have you juking throughout your workout because of how great you feel tackling your resolution.

Stage 3: Boss Up/ “Guap (LaLaLa)” – Rico Nasty

Yuh, yup, yea.

You’re embracing the inner ignant – yes ignant – inside of you. You’re beginning to hit a stride in your workouts and already feel like a Boss.

Exercising for you feels like low-riding through a suburban neighborhood in a bright yellow minivan equipped with over-sized rims and a hydraulic suspension, while blasting incoherent rap music for the entire neighborhood to hear.

Yup, ignant.

Take a listen to Rico Nasty’s “Guap (LaLaLa)” and you will agree.

Stage 4: Bangerz/ “SUMO I ZUMO” – Denzel Curry

At this point you have reached a full stride in your workouts. You feel like Usain Bolt whenever you run, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime when you lift, and likely want to throw a chair across the gym out of sheer excitement. You’ve consistently exercised for a week or two, and maybe you’ve stuck to that new diet and feel stupendous.

You’re on top of the world.

Feel the energy resonating through you like Denzel Curry did when he rapped in the words of the beloved Cartoon Network character Shnitzel : Rada rada rada rada rada!

This is a good place.

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