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Nikki’s New Cover

Popstar Ms. Nikki Flores

Popstar Ms. Nikki Flores

Nikki being Nikki Flores that is! She’s America’s Next Sweetheart and Popstar. She is also known as main female background vocalist and girlfriend to underground hip hop rapper and singer Don Benjamin [from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2.0] who she has collaborated with multiple times. As a Mexican-American songwriter, pianist, and pop artist she has been singing since the age of 12. Additionally she has just released a cover to a classic Christmas favorite “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. She just posted this cover right in time for the holidays and of course singing the song in the style of Mariah Carey but doing it her way. Below is the link to check out the new cover! Be sure to take a listen to it.

The first time I heard Nikki Flores was on Don Benjamin’s Mixtape “High Fashion”. I first recognized her voice as a mix between Adrienne Bailon and Mariah Carey. I started to look into her music more because I was so impressed with her high vocals and different voice. Through becoming a fan of her I have noticed that she actually FEELS her music when she sings which allows her fans to relate to her, and she is a real artist by just being herself. Every so often I would see amazing things she’s doing like playing piano, or making Can you guess this song I’m singing?” videos for her fans to play the guessing game. She also dances as a hobby and travels. All this insight to her beautiful life can be found by looking her up and liking her Facebook page. She is the type of artist that just is cool and seems like someone you would like to meet because she’s so real (real as in she manages her own Facebook and Instagram profiles).

Be sure to check out other songs by her such as “Home” and follow her on Spotify. She’s very inspiring!

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