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No Ordinary Life 02/14/23

Are humans supposed to have this much knowledge and awareness of our world? Are we supposed to be aware of our mortality and our existence?

It’s uncomfortable to be aware of the unknown.

I always want to learn more and more, to know everything. However, the more knowledge I have about my surroundings, my relationships, my life, the more anxious I become. It feels safe to be ignorant. It feels safe to not know.

However, feeling safe is the easy route. Why not take it?

Well, this brings up the meaning of life again. Should we spend our lives making money and becoming rich, traveling the world and learning about other cultures, keeping to ourselves, and/or dedicating our time helping others? There is no right answer. I wish someone would tell me what to do.

I guess that’s what makes life thrilling, though… right?

I’ve recently been listening to the song “No Ordinary Life” by Matt Corby. Not only am I obsessed with the music itself, but I also love the title of the song. Nobody has an ordinary life. What does ordinary even mean? It’s a subjective word. Everyone has their own take on it, compared to what they know as “abnormal.” Everybody’s lives are so intricately different, with millions of factors contributing to each unique experience. Not only are genes and DNA part of it, but culture, religion, experiences and perspectives all separate one person’s life from the other’s.

Nobody lives the same life. Nobody lives an ordinary life.

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