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Noteworthy's Most Played Tracks for Q1 2024

Ivan here again, host of Noteworthy, the most eclectic show in Chicago (Mondays 6-7 PM). I'm always excited to share songs with you incredible folks, whether on the show or here, on the station's blog. We've already made it past the first quarter of the year, so I've decided to look back at what my most played tracks were during that period. Remember, this is for my most played tracks overall, not the songs with the most spins on Noteworthy.

#1 Kiéla Adira feat. Manasseh - "Fools' Croon"

With double the plays of the next closest song, this has been my favorite discovery of the year so far. Both vocal tones here pack a lot of depth and just enough rasp to convince you that it might have actually been recorded first thing in the morning after their respective lovers have unceremoniously left. The chorus is absolutely gorgeous, too.

#2 Mel & Kim - "Respectable"

When I click on a retrospective playlist in Spotify that's supposed to serve as a primer for a genre, year, vibe, etc., that I'm overly familiar with, I challenge myself to listen to the songs I've never heard before. I came across "Respectable" on a 1987-based playlist and was hooked by how giddy it was. It makes so much sense that this was a Stock Aitken Waterman production because it's so emblematic of the lite-club sounds they helped usher in during this period that I'm surprised I couldn't spot it at first.

#3 Dina Ögon - "Håll avstånd"

#4 Dina Ögon - "Glitter"

This band is so special when it reaches heavily into its R&B and hip-hop bag. They've got one of the most underrated rhythm sections out right now, which gives their hazy folk melodies an extra punch. Orion is their third album in 4 years and shows they still have many ways to experiment with their signature sound.

#5 - Infinity Song - "Hater's Anthem"

I usually don't like to comment on the videos, but I have to say that they come off as charming visually as they do on wax. Give me a wholesome Monkees-inspired sitcom with two new weekly songs and a lesson about family at the end of each episode. It's a cult classic in the making.

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