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Welcome back to NOTEWRTHY, sorry for lying about the interview being up this week, that'll be next week hopefully.

Today, let's talk about one of my favorite categories of songs: spaced-out-1000-mile-stare songs.

Everyone loves a good song to just relax and space out to, and I enjoy quite a few of them. So I figured what better way to share them than to make list? These aren't in any specific order, so don't take this as a ranking.

First up, one that I originally heard because of my brother, "L$D" by A$AP Rocky. The song has an amazing mellow vibe, being made by some soothing bass and some light guitar in the back. Plus, Rocky's voice is in full suave mode with this one, stepping away from his normal style of rapping to create a track more suited to the name of the song with his extremely smooth singing voice. I'm not a huge fan of A$AP Rocky, but this song is easily one of my favorites by him, so definitely check it out if you've never heard it.

Next, we've got "Sacrifices" by Dreamville featuring an extensive cast of the duo EARTHGANG, J.Cole, Smino and Saba. This track, coming to us from Revenge Of The Dreamers III (2019), has a wonderfully simple beat of a slower guitar track accompanied by some soft jazz-sounding drums. Despite EARTHGANG's Johnny Venus's opening verse being a bit more high energy than the others, the rest of them fit perfectly to the vibe and subject matter of the song. Saba and Smino both did an amazing job bringing themselves to the track, and Cole finishes up the song with an amazing verse that I think about quite often. Overall, great vibe and perfect to zone out to.

Following that, we've got "Pink + White" by Frank Ocean. However annoyed I may be at Frank for dropping out of Coachella and putting on a kind of meh set, his music is still really good. While the entirety of Blonde (2016) may be really good music to zone out to, my go-to is this song. There's something so special about the way the strings and piano combine with Frank's voice to create this song that makes me both happy and sad listening to it. Especially with a line like "That's the way every day goes, every time, we've got no control...," I think of any of the songs I could talk about, this one definitely fits the prescribed feels for the list.

Lastly, let's talk about another great song: "Everlong - Acoustic Version" by Foo Fighters. The original song is one of my favorites of all time but is much more high-energy than the acoustic cover, so it doesn't really fit the vibe. This version however, is simply Dave Grohl and his guitar, and honestly, you don't really need much else. Dave Grohl is one of my favorite musicians of all time, and this version is amazing. It feels like a very personal moment, one intended to be reflected on and listened to deeply. It's a song that, admittedly, tugs at my heartstrings a bit, especially after the passing of Foo Fighters's drummer Taylor Hawkins, but it's still just a great song to listen to, even if it's a bit sad.

Anyway, that's all I've got for this week, enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

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