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Nothing to do Friday Night?

Hey guys! The last post I wrote about was Diwali. As you guys remember, Diwali is the start of the Hindu New Year. As a way to celebrate it, UIC’s Hindu Students Council is holding an annual Garba Night TOMORROW, November 15, 2013. Garba is a form of dance that originally started in the state of Gujarat, India. Many traditional garbas are performed around a centrally lit lamp or a picture or statue of the Goddess Shakti. Even if you say you’re not the best dancer, garba is meant for everyone. Garba is done solo and involves rhythmic steps in a circular form. There are simple steps that involve repeating a short sequence of steps or more complicated steps that involve a bit more coordination. Different groups of people do different steps simultaneously, so basically you can pick and choose which “circle” you want to dance in. Each song is pretty long, around 30-40 minutes, BUT you do not have to do it all at once. You’re able to leave and join whenever you want. The music starts off slow, but gradually increases during the time span.


The clothing for garba is very unique and colorful. Women typically wear “chaniya cholis”, which are colorful skirts and blouses. Chaniya Cholis are decorated with beads, shells, mirrors, stars, and embroidery work. Men tend to wear “kurtas”, which are long, loose, collarless shirts, with tighter pants.


So, if you have nothing to do this Friday night, be sure to come out to UIC’s Garba Night! The tickets will be $2 for EVERYONE attending.

The garba will be held at the UIC Physical Education Building located on the corner of Halsted and Roosevelt. Directions to Physical Education Building There will be parking along Halsted and there are also many parking garages available for a small fee throughout Halsted. Please do not attend the UIC Diwali Garba under the influence of any drug and/or alcohol as there will be security present at the door.

Come have some fun, chill with friends, do garba and have the greatest time of your life! See you there! 🙂


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