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Oh My Lorde

I’d like to take a minute right now to talk about someone I admire very much, a girl named Ella Yelich-O’Connor. Most may know her by her stage name, Lorde.


Best known for her single ‘Royals,’ Lorde began writing her own songs at a mere 12 years old in a small town in New Zealand. Since then, she has still been writing her own music and being true to herself as she doesn’t form into the typical “pop” role.

Not to mention, she’s only 17 years old, and is on the rise to fame faster than any other pop star I’ve heard of in the last decade.

Despite deciding to independently create her first EP, The Love Club, Lorde made her way to the top of the charts and all without taking demand from big-shot producers. She’s one of the most down-to-earth pop stars I’ve ever come across.

The thing I love most about Lorde, however, is most definitely her devotion to her work and her admiration of real art and music. Over the summer, Lorde was dubbed as the “sole music curator” for the soundtrack to the upcoming film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. With this role, Lorde is in charge of both creating music, and recruiting other artists, such as Kanye West, Grace Jones, CHVRCHES, Chemical Brothers, and HAIM, to do the same.

Less than a month ago, Lorde released the first single that she both wrote, mixed, and recorded on her own, titled ‘Yellow Flicker Beat.’ She recently stated via her Tumblr, “It’s my first offering from what I hope will be a soundtrack you love. It’s my attempt at getting inside her head, Katniss’. I hope you like it.”

The imagery she uses in the lyrics of the song, such as the line “this is the start of how it all ends/they used to shout my name/now they whisper it,” are great examples of Katniss and her story in the Hunger Games series. Her careful wording and though she put into the song are so admirable and representative of her work ethic when it comes to music. This is a soundtrack I know I can’t wait for.

What do you think of Lorde and what she’s doing with her work? Comment, share, and let me know!



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