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Onto Reality

Originality is an important characteristic, especially in the world of boutiques. It seems everyday someone with a “cool” brand name and a CustomInks account claim to have started their own clothing line.

In an era where the market is flooded with hopefuls seeking their brand gain notability, they often overlook the substance to distinguish themselves from the rest.  They have the idea that the clothing itself will establish the brand. When in reality it’s the idea behind the clothing that establishes the brand.

Onto Reality is not just another clothing line. Onto Reality is more of an abstraction, an idea; with the only thing concrete is the actual clothing. Onto Reality idea is simple “Life is what YOU make it.”They strongly believe the idea that individuals have the power to be the architect of their own life.

Onto Reality seeks to spread this idea so people can understand they are masters of their own universe, so that no life goes wasted, for life is precious.

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