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Perceptions 01/31/23

This is the fourth draft of this blog. I’ve attempted to write this blog post THREE previous times. And all I want to talk about is perception. Good luck Rach, let’s see what you can write.

The other day my close friend was talking to me about how she feels like everyone puts her in a box. Everyone expects her to do one thing, underestimating her. She feels misunderstood.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Everyone’s perceptions of each other are based on their own feelings about themselves, their morals and past experiences. It all blends together and no perception is 100% correct.

I want to be able to read other people’s perceptions of me. I wish every time I met someone an info bubble popped up on top of their head and I could click it and see what they were thinking. So random, now that I’m thinking about it.

The funny part about this wish is that it probably won’t be possible for at least as long as I’m going to have the wish. So might as well get good at talking, right?

This close friend that I have is someone I talk to. We talk about a lot of things, of course. My favorite conversation, though, is when I can tell her my perception of her in a certain instant, and she can explain it so that I understand it in her perspective. It helps us understand each other. She doesn’t get offended, even when I’m really far off. She understands that we’re all human and have perceptions built off of our own selves too.

It’s an interesting feeling; going through the day with the knowledge that other people are experiencing and perceiving their life on their own terms. I only have control over my perceptions. I have no control over other’s. This idea is uncomfortable yet comforting at the same time. Uncomfortable because of my need to have control over everything around me. Comforting because the only responsibility I have is to maintain peace within how I perceive. To have peaceful perceptions.

The only control we have in our life is over ourselves and the way we impact what is around us.



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