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Preview: Boyce Avenue in Chicago

After wrapping up a successful international tour, Boyce Avenue, a pop rock and alternative band from Sarasota, Florida, is finally back in the US for their “No Limits Tour”. They will be performing in Chicago tonight at The Vic. I was able to speak with one of the band members Daniel Manzano to get a sneak peak of their concert.


Boyce Avenue, which consists of brothers Daniel, Fabian, and Alejandro, was first founded in 2004. The band has been actively making music ever since. Daniel stated that being able to work with his brothers is the best experience. They know each other and respect each other. They also have a very unique creative work process in which they all work on lyrics and melodies separately and then come back together to create a song. Additionally, he stated that working with family is comforting especially during long tours when they often get homesick.

The band is best known for their covers which each gain hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. Daniel explained that making covers is how he and his brothers really learned to make music. He recollects that after hearing a song that they liked, they would try to recreate it. Eventually, they decided to share some of their videos on Youtube and then things skyrocketed from there. They were also able to collaborate with many other artists on Youtube such as Tyler Ward, Kina Grannis, David Choi, and more, who he considers as the band’s second family.

Daniel shared that it has been great being back in the US and that he and his brothers look forward to playing a show in Chicago again. Although they’re only going to be in Chicago for a short amount of time, he hopes to walk around and explore the city, eat good good, and visit Navy Pier.

As for their show tonight, Daniel said that fans can expect to see a lot of great things. Earlier in the year, the band released the “No Limits EP” which consists of original songs that they’ve written. Fans will get to hear songs from that EP as well as other popular songs from their album “All We Have Left” which was released in 2010. He said that the band will be playing a new, unreleased song called “Be Somebody” that the fans can look forward to hearing and some covers as well.

Be sure to check out the band’s music on Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes and come out and support the band tonight at the Vic! Also, check back later on our blog and facebook page for a concert recap. Hope to see you guys at the show! 🙂


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