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Rest In Peace Big Ang

On February 18th, at 3:01 a.m. Mob Wives star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola passed away from stage 4 brain and lung cancer. This absolutely devastated me, I am a huge Mob Wives fan and she was my favorite member. She was so full of life and had such a big heart. Hearing about this honestly broke my heart, I know that I never knew her so I shouldn’t be this sad, but I have been watching her on the show since day one and she had a way of making her viewers feel like they knew her and we all loved her, she had an amazing unique spirit and it will forever live in our hearts.


I remember when season 2 of Mob Wives was about to premier and my sister, who is also in love with Big Ang and the show, told me about the new comer. She ran up to me saying “Christina there’s a new cast member and her name is Big Ang and she’s going to be amazing I’m so excited”. I heard her name and couldn’t wait to see her in the show and why they call her “Big Ang”. I watched the episode and I immediately became a fan of hers as soon as she walked on the screen and told the camera “I like the wise guys”. She was so fun and hilarious and such a loyal person. She dedicated her life to her family which I loved. When you first look at her, you would think she’s a stuck up person who is crazy with plastic surgery, but once you watch her and see the person she is, you see she is actually the normal one of the cast. She didn’t care about the “lifestyle” as much as the other women, all she cared about was having fun, living life to the fullest, and making sure her family is happy and healthy.

She is someone who will truly be missed. She never had an enemy, whenever she had a problem with someone she hatched it out with them within that week. She wasn’t in for the drama, she was it in for the fun and laughter she shared with the other ladies. It’s sad to know that she is no longer here, but she still lives on in everyone’s hearts and I am going to take her advice and live everyday to the fullest. As she has said on her own VH1 show Big Ang, “Party everyday, live day to day because you never know when you’re going to go”, and that’s exactly what she did. Rest in peace Big Ang, you will be forever missed and never forgotten.


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