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Reviews for January 23rd, 2016

Hope you all enjoyed my 50 albums list. Now, back to business aye?


David Bowie- Blackstar

And what a way to start off the year. Blackstar is everything you could want from David Bowie’s final album: essentially gripping, cascadingly complex and endlessly requiring every ounce of your attention. The title track floats between styles and creates a haunting, paranoid type of epic that only the man himself could make. “Lazarus”, with it’s blinded, shuttered music video, is a perfect goodbye, solid and muscular while admitting defeat with panache and flair. After “The Next Day”, which played far too safe for an artist of Bowie’s standing, Blackstar is a triumph and the sapphire of his scepter. The album stands apart from any of his other albums, and ranks among his best offerings. Closing out with “I Can’t Give Everything”, the piece that secures Bowie’s death. He will not be returning, we saw him as something alien, something greater than all of us, but ashes to ashes, he returns to the ground as well. To be buried alongside such a headstone marker is a proud and grand death, one that only someone of his stature could successfully leave with. Bravo.


In tribute to David Bowie, here is my personal ranking of my 10 favorite Bowie albums:

10. Diamond Dogs

9. Young Americans

8. Lodger

7. Aladdin Sane

6. Hunky Dory

5. Blackstar

4. Heroes

3. Ziggy Stardust

2. Low

  1. Station to Station


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