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by: belle petajan Disclaimer: This content is for mature audiences, there is mention of sexual violence.

As a non-man in society, the amount of societal factors that have the power to make you unsafe is insurmountable;  abuse, demeaning, harassment and sexualization pose threat in every aspect of your life. When these factors infiltrated many people’s safe space of music in the Punk scene, Riot GRRRLs revolutionized and opened up a subcultural safe space for opposition and expression.

Riot GRRRL is a musical genre and political movement that faces issues of sexism, patriarchy, classism, rape culture, and beauty standards to empower those oppressed by such factors through music and DIY conglomeration. This series will explore the evolution of Riot GRRRL, from the very beginnings of punk, the issues faced by women in punk, and how they rebelled through music to make vast political change. Riot GRRL was born in desperation for a safe space for female artists and appreciators alike. After decades of exclusion and abuse in the music scene, women fought back, and thus, Riot GRRRL was born. In the face of repeated abuse by their male counterparts, Riot GRRRL was born through true do-it-yourself methods thus creating both vast political and musical change.

In this 5 part series, we will explore the history of women in punk, their transcendence to Riot GRRRLs, the means of their revolution, and their long-lasting influence on the punk scene. Follow along with weekly releases and if you want to hear more Riot GRRRL rambling tune in to TWOFACEDRADIO every Thursday 4-5pmCST on UIC RADIO.


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