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Rise Up Chicago For The New Year!

Happy New Year! I personally love new years because it’s a fresh new start, and with this new start Chicago felt it needed something new as well to kick off the new year. This year Chicago kicked off the new year with the rise of the star as the final seconds of 2015 came to an end. This new celebration has been called “Chi-Town Rising”, and I have to say, I am so happy Chicago is having a celebration like this!


Traditionally, New York has the celebration in Times Square with the 70 ft tall ball dropping down on the last minute of the year. I watch the event every year and I love the performances, the celebrity hosts and seeing the excitement of the people who are actually there. I have always wanted to see Chicago do something this special, we are one of the major cities and I am so proud to be a part of this city, and this year I couldn’t have been more proud of Chicago. I watched as the clock went down and the star went up, (even though we were about 30 seconds off but it as our first year, no one is perfect),and I was so proud to watch my city celebrate. With hosts Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney analyzing the entire night and keeping viewers excited for the new year, it was the perfect way to start off 2016. Move over Ryan Secreast, Mario Lopez is the new king of hosting New Years Eve.

Chicago deserved something like this, we needed a good new tradition to be more recognized for our beautiful city. Having this new “Chi Town Rising” makes me so happy and proud to be from Chicago and I hope people across the country watched as the star rose up into the new year and watched our beautiful city welcome the new year 2016.


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