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Rising Over Envy – Highway To Happiness Tour and Interview

Chi City Hip Hop artist R.O.E. (Rising Over Envy) recently wrapped up his tour “Highway To Happiness.”


The tour makes it’s rounds in the midwest to 6 cities, with Chicago being it’s second to the last stop. R.O.E. was joined by leading front mansaxophonist Jeff Gibbs of The Jeff Gibbs Quartet, along with a live band. Gibbs has been heavy in the Chicago Hip Hop scene for quite some time, with his Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop soulful fusion. Gibbs and R.O.E together live, do more than justice for Hip Hop… in the words of R.O.E., they are here to REVIVE Hip Hop, indeed!

I got a chance to get an interview with R.O.E. after the show, and it goes as follows…

B ROC – Highway to Happiness Tour for your EP To Happiness… Tell us your feelings about being on tour.

 R.O.E. – We’re wrapping up our midwest tour, and it’s been fun. Going to different cities and performing for different audiences… happy to perform and get their reactions to my music. Feels good!

B ROC – Now that the tour is coming to a close… do you have anything else you are working on?

R.O.E. – Right now I’m working on a live album. Coming out real soon, like within the next few weeks. And I’m also working on my first full length album. So, I’m excited about that. I’m in a different place right now with my work, and I have a lot of other things that I’m prepping for. Got a lot going on and just look forward reaching my goals.

B ROC – For your album, is there a set time frame or date for it’s release?

R.O.E. – Yeah, we’re looking at spring of 2016… so definitely hope to have it out by then.

Below is a video of  R.O.E. & The Jeff Gibbs Quartet performing at the Double Door. Be sure to follow them on twitter for the latest in updates.

Want more on R.O.E.? Check out R.O.E.’s 4 Chi City Radio recap here.

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